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Monthly classes designed to give you insights and tools to help you understand and build deeper relationships with your pet.

Anticipatory Grief & Animal Communication

Finding Grace and Gratitude Amidst the Sorrow

June 26, 2024    7 PM ET

Not knowing what your animal is thinking and/or feeling makes it difficult to make decisions for them.
It can be very hard to stay in the present moment when you know your beloved animal has entered into the last part of their physical life. The present moment (and the time you DO still have with your pet) can be consumed with fear, sadness, and anxiety about what the future will be like once they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

What You Will Learn:

  • This time you have with your pet is sacred, and there is much joy and love to be shared when you stay in the present moment
  • Understanding what your pet is feeling, and what their wishes are, can alleviate a great deal of guilt and guessing as to how to proceed with their care.
  • Being intentional with your time, and the activities you choose to engage in, can strengthen and deepen the bond between you and your pet
  • Learn a simple technique to help shift you from anxiety and overwhelm to the present moment
Who Will Benefit From This Session?
This event is for animal lovers; pet guardians; trainers, & rescue organizations who will benefit from deepening relationships with their animals
A Recent Story:
"Elizabeth's gift of connecting with animals is absolutely priceless. I have worked with Elizabeth several times regarding my three pets. She has incredible grace, calm, and intuitive knowing of the messages coming through for each session. The depth of her gift was absolutely clear when my elderly dog Tia became ready to transition to the other side. Elizabeth connected with Tia when I was faced with the difficult decision to have Tia assisted in the transition, and I was able to make a clear, informed decision. In addition, Elizabeth supported me in all the emotions of sorrow and grief that come with losing a pet." ~~ Molly Adkins
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