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"Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.”
                                         -A.A. Milne

It comes in several different ways for me. Often, I will actually hear the animal talking to me. Sometimes it can be a word, or a phrase, while other times in can be a more detailed exchange, an actual conversation. Many times animals will show me images, or pictures along with the words they speak.

A big part of my information comes in the form of intuitive knowing. The animal sends me a block of information that is instantly “downloaded” into my mind. I simply know something to be true without any explanation needed.

Yes, absolutely! Even though an animal is no longer in their physical body, I am still able to connect with the energies of their Spirit. In fact, it isn’t all that different from connecting to an animal that is still living. Generally, I suggest waiting a minimum of two weeks before contacting an animal that has transitioned. Energetic shifts that occur during this time of transition can make it difficult for a clear communication.

In most cases, it is very clear within a few minutes. Sometimes the animal will give me very specific details about something that I could not possibly know otherwise. It may be a nickname, he or she may show me an image of a favorite toy or spot, or a special memory the two of you share. While I may not understand the significance of it, it is likely something that will have special meaning for you.

I have never had an animal that did not want to communicate on some level. I have always been able to receive information. Generally, animals are very happy to communicate, especially when their human companions are involved.

Yes, absolutely!! In fact, it is often very helpful to include an animal that is still living with you during our session.

Many people have this concern.  We will not talk about anything that you don’t want to, and if there’s a topic that makes you uncomfortable, we will skip it altogether.  I have never had someone’s secrets revealed to me by an animal.  They are very loyal and it has been my experience that they always communicate with only the best intentions for their human companions.

Our session is 100% confidential.  I will never disclose or reveal the information that I receive from the animals or what is discussed between us as a result.  It is a privilege to connect with animals in the way I do, and I believe it is my responsibility to honor the trust given to me.

The connection with your animal is an intuitive, energetic one using telepathy. Time and space are not a barrier to communicating with them in this manner. This allows me to connect with any animal anywhere, regardless of our physical proximity.

All that’s needed is the name of the animal, the species (i.e. cat, dog, horse, etc), and the gender. Knowing the age can sometimes be helpful, but not necessary.

This information is sufficient to set the intention to connect with them, tune into their frequency, and receive information.

I do not need to have a picture of your animal to connect with them (but if you want to send me one, I still love seeing all the great pics my clients send me of their fur babies!)

No, because animals have free will just as humans do, and no one can change that. But I can work with you and your animal to determine the root cause of the problem and help gain insight into how we can work towards shifting and/or changing the behavior.

Often times, when there is a behavioral issue, being able to see things from the animal’s perspective is an enormous benefit to resolving the issue.

No, not at all! In fact, I have many clients that have come to me with a curiosity about connecting with their animal. The desire to deepen the bond with your pet, or understand their perspective, is a perfect reason to schedule a session.

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