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"Our experience working with Elizabeth Wallace was like receiving an unexpected and very special present. She is an extremely gifted person and is very easy to work with. Elizabeth shared valuable information about my dog Luc's health, which was my reason for contacting her, but she also shared information about how my dog perceives my life. It was so insightful and touching. I recommend Elizabeth to anyone with a pet. Her approach is stellar and her readings are an amazing resource."

Olivia Hamilton

"Elizabeth's gift of connecting with animals is absolutely priceless. I have worked with Elizabeth several times regarding my three pets. She has incredible grace, calm and intuitive knowing of the messages coming through for each session. The depth of her gift was absolutely clear when my elderly dog Tia became ready to transition to the other side. Elizabeth connected with Tia when I was faced with the difficult decision to have Tia assisted in the transition, and I was able to make a clear, informed decision. In addition, Elizabeth supported me in all the emotions of sorrow and grief that comes with losing a pet. I highly recommend Elizabeth!"

Molly Adkins

"I had a most amazing session with Elizabeth. Like mind-blowingly, amazing. And while I suspected she would be great at what she does after meeting her, I was truly blown away by the impact her work had on me. Connecting with the souls/spirits of my feathered loves brought me such deep peace, knowing and messages that I clearly needed to hear. My session with Elizabeth was just what I needed and I am so grateful for her beautiful gift!! "

Heather O’Neil

"My experience with Elizabeth was amazing. I had dabbled in animal communication before but nothing like this. I wanted her to connect to my cat Sammie who is still with us. She explained a lot to me about why we found each other and that also was spot on and gave me homework to do that will help shift my mindset and energy going forward. This was like a coaching session for me rather than her just communicating with my cat. Impactful, unexpected and very well worth it."

Meryl Hayton
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