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woman hugs elderly dog - animal communications

How To Say Goodbye

I have been dreading this decision for 16 years, and now that it is here, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

This was during a recent session I had with a client who is struggling with the fact that her dog is declining rapidly and, while she intellectually knows the dog is at the end of her life, she is struggling emotionally to accept this reality.

As humans who love and share our lives with animals, for the most part we enter into these relationships with the knowing that we will—one day— have to say good-bye to them, as we will likely out live them. It is unfair, and unimaginable to comprehend the pain we will feel when that time comes.

Still, we embrace these four legged beings, bringing them into our homes, loving and protecting them fiercely. We relish in the joy that is infused into our days from their presence.

When they near the end of their physical lives, we often find ourselves overwhelmed by confusion and fear, not knowing what is best for them—dreading the thought of life without them in it.

woman hugs elderly dog - animal communications

 I truly believe the last chapter of an animal’s life is sacred, and it is an honor to be present with them during this period of time. Animal Communication is a powerful and profound way for humans to partner with their animals during this time.

It allows for a “conversation” to occur, where the animal can express their thoughts and feelings about the entire process, and they are able to answer questions their humans may have. It also gives insight into how the animal is feeling physically and reveals what —if any—pain/discomfort they may be feeling and experiencing.

Many people are surprised to discover their animals may have a “bucket list” they would like to check off (and it almost always includes things they want to experience with their humans)!

They even have requests for foods they want to eat before they cross into Spirit!! (Ice cream and steak are top favorite requests!!)

For my part, I find it difficult to adequately express how much of an honor it is to be present with these animals, and their human families, during this time.

The animals often express thoughts, feelings, and guidance that can bring comfort to their humans’ heavy hearts. It can also alleviate feelings of anxiety, guilt and overwhelm so they are able to express their love, and anything they’d like their animal to know, in a way that celebrates the love they share for one another.


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