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Bridging the Veil: The Healing Journey of Communicating with Pets in Spirit

In the heart of every person who has ever loved and shared their life with an animal lies an indisputable truth—we will one day likely face having to say good-bye to our animal companion, long before we are ready for them to leave this physical world. It can be a devastating, gut wrenching loss that leaves us experiencing a grief of profound magnitude.

As an Intuitive Animal Communicator, I believe (and know) that the bond we share with our animals transcends the physical realm. We continue to experience a soul level connection with them that exists even after they have died and are in Spirit.

They remain with us, in many different ways, guiding us and wrapping us in the love we share with them.

I have seen first hand how the practice of animal communication offers a transformative experience for the bereaved, allowing them to navigate their grief with grace and support, as they receive comforting messages of love and support from their beloved pets.

Among the many benefits animal communication provides, one of the most common one is allowing humans to have an understanding that their animal is doing well on the other side. There are often unanswered questions the humans have about their animals’ passing—what they were feeling, how they perceived their life, what emotions that may have towards their humans.

communicating with an animal in Spirit

Through the lens of compassion and expertise, animal communication can explore and unravel the depth of the bond between animal and human.

This process often brings to light the pet’s understanding of their role in their human’s life, their feelings about their passing, and their messages of gratitude and love. Such insights can affirm the significance of the relationship, helping humans to appreciate the mutual love and respect that they share with their animals.

Communicating with animals in Spirit often helps to reveal the connection between pet and human continues beyond physical existence. Pets are always excited to share with their humans how they remain present in their life, offering signs and messages of their ongoing love, support and guidance. This realization can help transform grief into an expanded understanding of an ever present, ongoing love and connection with your animal.

Each person’s grief journey is deeply personal and unique.

Through the intention of love and gratitude, communicating with an animal in Spirit provides a way to honor the sacred bond between animal and human.

These communications offer a space where emotions can be freely expressed; an opportunity where the heart may find peace in the messages from beyond, solace in the memories shared, and comfort in the knowledge that love transcends all boundaries.


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