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Connecting with Our Animals on the Soul Level

Ask any human who shares their life with an animal and they can list a multitude of ways in which that experience enriches their lives—joy, companionship, comfort, connection, comedic relief, exercise.

They will often talk about the deep, heartfelt bond they share with their companion and refer to them as a part of their family.

animal communication - deepening connection In addition to all the ways animals better our lives, they also come to us as our teachers and our guides, wanting to help support us along our journey, providing wisdom and counsel. One of the most fascinating and rewarding aspects that communicating with animals allows humans to realize is that we share soul contracts with the animals in our lives. Understanding this gives us the perspective that the bond between human and animal is deeper and more profound than companionship and guardianship. It recognizes that these relationships are spiritually orchestrated bonds; agreements designed to foster mutual growth, healing and a deep connection of love.

This notion of a soul contract with an animal asks we delve into the spiritual belief that all beings possess a soul (or consciousness) that transcends beyond their physical existence.

In this context, it refers to an agreement between a human and an animal’s soul that was agreed upon before either enters into the physical, earthly realm. It is within this agreement that the ways in which our animals with help guide us with lessons, experiences and opportunities for expansion are outlined.

Knowing and understanding what your soul contract is with your animal—recognizing that they have come into your life with a specific purpose— fosters a deeper appreciation and respect for the animal. Embracing their presence in your life for all they bring, both as a physical animal and a spiritual being, can transform the way someone interacts with, cares for and perceives their animal, leading to a deeper, more harmonious and enriching relationship.

When we acknowledge and explore the existence of this agreement, it can provide insights into behaviors that could be considered challenging, as well as specific dynamics that could be present within the relationship. For instance, when a guardian is challenged by a particular behavior, recognizing this could be related to something the animal is hoping to help them with, could allow them to approach the situation with more patience, compassion and a willingness to hear the message from their animal.

This perspective encourages the human to look for the lessons, or opportunities for growth, hidden within the challenges, rather than merely viewing them through the lens of frustration and attempting to change or modify the behaviors.

A great example of this can be seen through someone frustrated or challenged by a dog who is constantly barking at seemingly nothing, or perhaps at inappropriate times. Initially, the desire could be to curb the barking, or stop it altogether. Some may seek to punish it or put the dog in a different room, or even crate them. But if that barking can be viewed through the lens of a soul contract, the human might find that their dog is mirroring how important it is to use their voice, to speak their truth, to be heard.

After working with hundreds of clients, it is fascinating to see that as the human becomes aware of the wisdom, guidance and lesson the animal is trying to share with them, the behavior they were trying to control or change, often times will shift all on its own.

Soul contracts can also offer solace and comfort during times of grief, when a beloved animal transitions from their physical body back into spirit (the dying process). Living with the faith that the animal’s presence was part of a spiritual agreement, and that the spirit remains ever-present after the body dies, can provide an immense sense of purpose and meaning to the relationship. This can also ease the pain felt at the loss and help people find peace and maintain a knowing sense of connection.

Through perceiving and identifying soul contracts, humans expand their potential for personal and spiritual growth. Because of their unique personalities and ways of being in the world, animals have the capacity to teach humans a great deal about love, patience, resilience, and the importance of living in the present moment. Viewing these lessons through the lens of a soul contract, individuals are more likely to embrace and learn from them, helping to facilitate their own expansion and deepen their spiritual experience is this world.

Knowing and understanding the soul contracts with our animals can offer a deeply enlightening perspective on our human/animal relationships.
It encourages individuals to view the connections and bonds with animals as a significant spiritual agreement that has the potential to foster growth, healing and expansion. Embracing this belief lights the way for humans to deepen their relationships with animals, learn valuable life lessons, and navigate the joys and challenges of these shared connections with greater awareness, compassion and


animal communication - deep bondsThe process of animal communication often brings to light the pet’s understanding of their role in their human’s life, their feelings about their passing, and their messages of gratitude and love. Such insights can affirm the significance of the relationship, helping humans to appreciate the mutual love and respect that they share with their animals.

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